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Concierto is moving forward

Our Concierto Resorts team is extremely excited that this unique project (building a vibrant community on the Pacific Coast in Colima, Mexico) has passed the dream stage and is on pace to celebrate its launch in 2018.

Right now, we’re moving into a definitive phase: Raising funds to get shovel-ready.

Want to be part of it?


What is Concierto Resorts?

Concierto Resorts is a (to be built) beach-front gated community amidst a lush palm tree plantation at Tecuanillo, Colima on Mexico’s Pacific coast. The community will provide you with the combination of a vacation resort lifestyle and a variety of truly meaningful activities. Imagine having it all: Life under the sun, your own ocean view property, and a new purpose in life. Our motto: Never Be Bored.

Tranquil and secluded Concierto is in close vicinity to vibrant communities like Colima, Tecoman, and Manzanillo. The resort’s first stage is comprised of 280 units in six, 8-storey exquisitely designed condos that are easy to get to and easy to afford! With the market’s lowest competitive prices, all condos at Concierto Resorts are also priced in Canadian dollars. Put Concierto Resorts on your list and orchestrate the best part of your life!

Orchestrate the best part of your life

Buy vacation and/or investment property in Mexico

5 reasons to choose Concierto Resorts

Invest in something good: YOU

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Find your purpose:
Help us help others

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Promising investment:
Expect ROI

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Where the action is: Mexico, Colima

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Buy with confidence: Canadian owned

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Remain active. Stay healthy. Live longer.

We all know that aging comes with challenges but coming at age has probably made you tougher, smarter and … richer than when you were eighteen. Did you know that when you are about 50 years and up, you actually belong to the richest generation that ever populated our planet? When you realize the possibilities, retirement, reinvesting and relocation, sounds like a whole lot of fun.


A vacation resort for the human ‘being’ and the human ‘doing’.

Concierto Resorts will offer an active, healthy, and meaningful lifestyle, plus… unique work and volunteer experiences. We’re planning to help the community of Tecuanillo improve their infrastructure, amenities, and tourism. An ambitious social initiative that has received considerable cooperation and praise from local authorities, investors, and future buyers.


Put your money where your mouth is.

All Concierto residences will be priced in Canadian funds for the express purpose of never being tied to ever fluctuating US dollar. This alone provides every buyer with amazing financial gains. Life in paradise should not be out of reach and Concierto Resorts is doing its part to make that a reality. Really, $252,000 CAD for a 1290 square foot apartment at the ocean is hard to beat anywhere.


Mexico, Colima: Beautiful. Available. Affordable.

Mexico’s state Colima has a rich culture and has enjoyed growing tourism for more than a decade. It ranks first in the production of lemon oil, which is processed at Cardenas. It’s major cities Colima (capital), Manzanillo, and Tecoman have grown substantially. Nevertheless, Colima is still in its ‘infancy’. Many beaches are still to be discovered. There’s an abundance of opportunities for economic development, and pricing is still relatively low. A beautiful place to explore!


A Canadian development. Accessible. Reliable. Accountable.

You’ve probably heard some horror stories about buying a property in Mexico. Shady developers, vague promises, building on hold, and then the money simply vanished. We can only say: Check us out. Thoroughly. All the way. See what you find. Ten to one you’ll find a solid Canadian real estate development company, who is passionate about building a top notch vacation resort. Think ‘Concierto‘. It stands for working in harmony and in concert – with you. Get to know us. Meet with us. Talk to us. You’re welcome, and you’re safe.


Are you thinking about living in Mexico to invest, relocate, or retire?

Put Concierto Resorts on your list.

Right now, we’re in the first stages of development. The regulatory process is about to begin. Available soon: Floor Plans, Architectural drawings, Pricing, A full blown Online 3D walkthrough, Volunteer opportunities and an overview of the beautiful Mexican State of Colima. Videos with the Development Team and landowner are now available online.

Yes, we have to admit: We’re excited! And we would love to share the excitement with you. Orchestrate the best part of your life at Concierto Resorts. Our guarantee: Never be bored!

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