5 Reasons Why I Love Colima, Mexico (and why you will too)

When my friends and family ask me why I love Colima, Mexico so much, I start with a list of my 5 top reasons. I have travelled to Colima about 40 times since my first visit in 2007 and every time I go I love it even more. It truly feels like my second home. When we drive from Puerto Vallarta to Manzanillo, during those months when WestJet doesn’t fly directly to Manzanillo, I take a big breath and my heart opens when we cross over from the State of Jalisco into the State of Colima – I feel like I am home.


It starts with the warm and generous people we have met over the years. We have worked with so many extraordinary professionals, including our notary and his team of lawyers, our architect and contractors, our accountants, our team of urban planning consultants, realtors and so many others, many of whom have become good friends.

Then there are the people who serve us in restaurants, or stores, or markets, taxi drivers or tour guides who are always so attentive and welcoming. There are many government people we have met with over the years who are so proud of their State and excited that we love their home and who have been extremely supportive of our efforts to build a resort development in their beautiful State.

I love their sense of fun and eagerness to celebrate many fiestas and festivals in Mexico, often steeped in their rich culture and history. I love their intense intergenerational love of family; respect for their elders and love for their children.  I love that everything is according to Mexican time, no need to hurry, just slow down, relax and enjoy life. It usually takes us a bit of time when we arrive back in Colima to allow ourselves to slow down, breathe and enjoy life.


As Brian mentioned in a previous blog, we love the food, whether it is traditional Mexican or sushi or Italian or Spanish. There is something for everyone. When I go to Colima I absolutely do not want to eat in a restaurant that reminds me of ‘Dennys’ type restaurants. My favourite restaurants are those along the beach with the romantic ocean view or the authentic Mexican restaurants with cooks who still use the cooking tools they have used for centuries. I’ve had many a romantic dinner at Oceanside with my sister or business partners with a glass of wine or a michelada (cerveza and lime juice).


The first time we visited Colima in 2007, we acquired the services of a couple of local realtors to show us some properties that would accommodate a very small condo complex. They kept steering us towards property inland near the volcano because they thought we would be happier in a cooler climate. We kept reassuring them we were very comfortable with the heat but most important, as land-locked Canadians from Alberta, we desperately wanted to be near the ocean.

We wanted to watch the waves lapping onto the beach and smell that ocean air and walk along those miles of beaches. I can sit for hours watching and listening to those ocean waves, they can lull you into a sense of tranquillity that is truly meditative.

                   BUT WHAT REALLY EXCITES ME……


When I woke up to snow (a record amount of snow) in Cochrane, Alberta on October 3rd this year, my first thought was ‘why am I not in Colima?’ And then I added more to my torturous thoughts by flipping through pictures of fun times sitting around the condo pool in November or February sipping on margaritas or a cocktail in a hollowed out pineapple and munching on shrimp tacos and walking along the beach in Club Santiago in Manzanillo.

Yes, the climate. Colima is situated on the same latitude as Hawaii and enjoys an average temperature of 26.4’C (79.52’F). The temperatures are relatively consistent year round, with variation depending on whether you are close to the volcano or at sea level. In the winter the temperature ranges from 20’ to 28’C and warmer in the summer ranging from 28’ to 34’C. The rainy season, from June to October sees an average of 39.6 inches of rain.

I have travelled to Colima every month of the year and I have completely wilted in the humidity only once. Believe it or not, I actually love the humidity for my hair and skin and as a yoga teacher, I love how great my body moves with ease and increased flexibility. It’s amazing how quickly our bodies acclimatize.


I love my home in Cochrane and I love Alberta in the spring, summer and fall but when the snow flies and the temperatures start to dip to the minus whatever, I want to be heading to my home in Colima and some of the best weather in Mexico. I want to walk home after dinner with no sweater and not even a thought that I might need one.


As someone who really loves a good deal,  it is absolutely delightful to go out for dinner in Manzanillo or Colima City and pay about $12-$14 Cdn for a t-bone steak dinner. Or enjoy a huge seafood platter for 4 people for about $23 Cdn. Or buy 2 kg of fresh shrimp for $180 pss or about $12 Cdn.

These are the most recent statistics on the cost of living in Mexico compared to Canada:
 Food – 47%
 Housing – 50%
 Clothes – 27%
 Transportation – 53%
 Personal Care – 50%
 Entertainment – 48%

Overall the cost of living in Mexico is 49% cheaper than in Canada. In Colima, costs are even a little less than other major tourist destinations in Mexico. So for those of us who are living on a ‘sort of’ fixed or limited income, this is a perfect destination if you are looking for an affordable place to retire or semi-retire or vacation.


These are the 5 main reasons why I love Colima, Mexico.

I also love Colima because of the FLORA AND ARCHITECTURE,  ART and HISTORY, VIBRANT COLOURS, MUSIC, PALM TREES, WATCHING SURFING COMPETITIONS, SEA TURTLES, CENTRAL PLAZAS in every small town and city ………..I love that COLIMA IS STILL AUTHENTIC MEXICO with just a touch here and there of Canadian or American influence.

I have many more reasons but I invite you to find your own reasons for loving Colima, Mexico.

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