A Panoramic Tour of Colima’s Pacific Shore

In this and the next blog we hope you’ll enjoy a panoramic tour of Colima. Concierto is centrally located in Colima and this allows residents to spend less time getting around the State. We’re approximately 90 minutes by car to all points within Colima. Today we present a panoramic tour of Colima’s 140 kilometres of Pacific shoreline.

The highways are amazingly smooth, have clear direction signs and no tolls. There are 1,960 kilometers (1,225 miles) of highway connecting the state’s ten cities. Eight of the ten municipalities have four-lane highways.

If you’re the driver, you’ll have the toughest job just keeping your eyes on the road with all the amazing views. You may wish to consider a guided tour or private taxi for the entire trip. Rates for either are surprisingly low and you have little to do but enjoy yourselves.


Only fifteen minutes up the main highway you’ll see a sign for the Town of Cuyutlan. You’ll be thankful to take this exit! Cuyutlan is home to an impressive Ecological Turtle Preserve. This is a favourite for kids and adults alike and one of the most visited sites in the state.

Inviting entrance to beautiful the Town of Cuyutlan, Colima
Impressive and entertaining Ecological Turtle Reserve
Turtle egg recovery by the State of Colima’s Department of Ecology for delivery to the sanctuary

Relax and enjoy delicious daily-fresh seafood at many seaside enramadas and other fine restaurants. Warning, shopping here is addictive. You may decide to stay over and will be happy to find several quaint, affordable, boutique hotels.

Restaurant at Hotel Morelas in Cuyutlan

If you’re looking for activity, the surf is always up and ready for you and your board. You can rent a bike for an energetic ride or take a brisk walking tour and enjoy seeing the many incredible homes around town.

Challenging waves minutes away for surfing enthusiasts
Smooth paved bike routes to enjoy around Cuyutlan
One of many beautiful home compounds around the Town of Cuyutlan


When you leave Cuyutlan, your panoramic tour continues to Manzanillo. All the great views surprisingly aren’t just on the ocean side. We’ve seen this rail trestle so many times but still always look forward to see what color it’s currently painted. The periodic color change is due to a State incentive program designed to keep people working and earning a living.

What color is the rail trestle this trip?

Manzanillo is the largest port in Mexico following a recent major expanison. The city enjoys a rich mixture of industry and tourism. Old Town surrounds the port and welcomes folks from industry to tourism. Imports and exports to world markets take place on a 24-7 schedule on enormous freighters.

Located on the Pacific coast, the Port of Manzanillo has many very important Asian export and import routes. Most exports go to United States, Canada, Guatemala, Colombia, Chile, Japan, China, India, Malaysia, and Singapore. Other important countries include Spain, Russia, and Germany.

Principal exports include beer, cars, cement, sugar, copper, steel tubes, carbon, glucose and resin. The port also provides repackaging service for products such as clothes, shoes, tequila, chemical products and milk powder.

Manzanillo – Mexico’s largest Port

But Manzanillo is also the State’s hub of Tourism and therefore the port welcomes a different kind of ship. Towering ocean liners dock allowing guests to enjoy the array of sights and activities of Manzanillo and the state. The old town shops and restaurants have had major facelifts and owners warmly welcome world travellers.

Cruise ship in port at Manzanillo, Colima

Shout-Out to Colima’s Chefs & Servers

Colima boasts a vast numbers of high quality restaurants throughout the State. Local specialties and recipies from around the globe are superbly prepared here. Manzanillo likely leads in this regard for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s very hard to consider preparing at home when you can enjoy these meals. Authentic Mexican, Japanese, German, Sushi, Italian, Steak and Ribs and many incredible Seafood spots will delight you!

Loretta at Dolphin Cove’s traditional 2 sauce “Divorced Eggs” (my favourite)
Sushi Ginza’s manager Ramone’s special suggestion
Pacifica’s Chef and owner Wolfgang’s mouth watering Wienerschnitzel

The ambience created at oceanfront and mountainside restaurant venues is equally exceptional. The amazing views, imppecable service and shockingly affordable prices will amaze you. When meals are completed, diners in Colima are eager to say, “I’ll get the check.”

A panoramic view for mountain top gourmet pizza
Portifino – an ocean-front seafood gem

Manzanillo Caters to All Needs

Manzanillo offers many high-end shopping outlets and numerous large grocery stores. There is also a wide range of easy to find outlets for personal services and activities. And you won’t want to miss the Saturday flea-market where you’ll find bargains galore, enjoy some great food and drinks and see all your friends. Because the four of us have quite a number of grandkids, an extra suitcase is a must.

Shoes, Clothing, Banking, Pharmacy, Hair and Nail Care, Fitness, Cinemas, Mobility,
all under one roof in Manzanillo, Colima

There’s easy access to fishing, snorkeling, surfing, golf, tennis, pickleball, hang gliding and off road vehicle adventures. Fitness clubs, movie theatres, night clubs, art tours and classes, concerts and much more is available.

A day in Old Town, we’re posing in front of the statue that depicts Manzanillo known as the “Sailfish Capital of the World”

You’ll want to know the route from Manzanillo to Areopuerto Internacional de Manzanillo, Playa de Oro. Once you’re send holiday updates to family and friends back home they’ll be planning their flights to join you. Actually, once you’ve reached the airport, you’ll have come to the geographic border of Colima in this direction.

Looking Ahead -2020

Colima is culturally rich, economically expanding and community oriented. The standard of living is high. Unemployment rates, low. Its small size is an asset. The cost of living exceptional! Colima is an amazing place!

We’re very happy and proud to introduce Concierto Resorts to Colima.

Consider visiting Colima in 2020 and enjoy all this incredible State has to offer. We are delighted with the number of family and friends who already have a trip to Colima on their 2020 schedule.

It’s also incredibly fulfilling to hear from folks we’ve yet to meet who have written to say Colima is their next holiday spot. They’re kind enough to share that the decision is due to our blogs and our Trip Advisor reviews.

We’d love to hear from you about the experiences you have in Colima and with your permission, share it here.

Sincerely, Melanie, Shirley, Steven, Brian.