Any Wonder “Temper” is in Temperature?

When temperatures in Canada gets ridiculously low, tempers often seem to rise. Social media’s packed with posts about people groaning about severe weather. We tweet and text our fingers off about the weather in Canada. Makes you wonder whether the travel/tourism industry would be so vibrant without dramatic temperature shifts? I write from an Albertan’s perspective however proofreads from folks in other parts of the country and the USA agree with this premise!

Does Temperature Motivate Folks to Travel?  

Escaping ‘dangerous or record-breaking’ temperatures fall alarming low on several published lists of reasons why folks travel. I read the reasons on these lists with some amazement. I know I fail to recognize the article’s authors likely don’t live where I do!

Severe winter weather is currently affecting more areas of North America than previously recorded. Many areas that are ill-equipped to handle the results. Comparing weather, like October 1, 2013, with this early morning photo sent from a friend in Colima is predictable. Same day shot was to be my last day of golf at the course I play at in Alberta but I decided to cancel. Last minute!!

Granted, the reasons often listed as primary reasons to travel do hold merit. Visiting family and friends and discovering new cultures appear in most lists. Improving oneself, building relationships, celebrating milestones are also high on several lists. Bucket-list is also popular. But comparatively, I’d love to know how many trips are planned for the precise time folks can be out gardening, golfing or sipping wine on the deck in their hometowns in pleasant temperatures?

Destination Weddings

Here’s a topic that has enjoyed a fairly short history. The travel portion of a wedding earlier than 15 years ago was usually the honeymoon. It was enjoyed by the two people getting married. I know, I’ve had some!

Today couples invite a wide selection of family and friends to join them “somewhere warm” to enjoy this magic union and make a vacation out of it for all. Somewhere warm because ensuring a flawless wedding experience, weather-wise, is dubious months ahead in Canada. Especially outdoor ceremonies. We Love the ones we go to for sure! However, we’ve never received one scheduled in July or August! Clink. (sound of the mic drop)

Melanie’s daughter, Tara’s and Jay’s wedding: Playa Azul – Mayan Riviera – November 12, 2008.

Canadians’ Lives Revolve around Temperature

When we run into a friend in winter we are often incapable of having a conversation without temperatures being a major part of it. With strangers, it’s no contest! Even with severely contentious politics streaming 24/7 here and in the USA. Unemployment a reality or threatening. The Flames winning a game in regulation time. Pipeline’s that are on one day and off on another. The Academy Awards not having a host. Television stars paying to get beat up. Our own kids or grandkids and their busy and interesting lives. Yet, we meet someone and its, “wow this has been one crappy stretch of cold weather. Am I right eh?”

Gaining Perspective

Our friends, stars of last week’s blog, “Colima Governor Visits the Calgary Stampede” have faced the treacherous north! According to Environment Canada on the highest average temperatures in Calgary, “the current mark was set in 2007 when the average daily high for July was 26.4 C.”

Coincidentally, July 2007 is precisely the time our Mexican friends visit the Chuckwagon Races and Grandstand Show at the Stampede. Fantastic seats in the west grandstand. At the end of the fourth race, a close friend in the group confides in me that everyone is getting very cold. I peek down the row to find some of the folks hugging as if waiting outside the car for a flat to be fixed in December in Midale, SK.

By the time the wagons did the sashaying around in preparation for Race 5, we’re heading for the exit. It’s all about perspective and the conditions our bodies get used to. Funny though, coming from the cold place, we make the adjustment more easily when leaving temps like at Shirley’s and Steve’s home, right. They have no problem getting off the plane in Colima and stepping right out onto the tarmac and taking the 70-degree temperature shift in stride!

The video below by Rick Mercer is not incredibly far from reality with those of us from the frozen north!

RMR: Seven Day Forecast From Environment Canada.

Canadians Joke rather than Scream over Winter Temperatures

You’ve likely seen the Spring weather “count-down” clocks posted. The whole groundhog thing fills several news days. Here’s a social media staple (right) for this time of year that always good for a chuckle. I disapprove that current Canadian and US politicians have unfairly assumed much of the focus of jokes previously saved for winter weather on late night talk shows.

Whether you venture out in severe temperatures or confine yourself to home, you might as well have a few chuckles over reality we can’t change. We can, however, put ourselves in better “mental” and “environmental” positions! It may be time for a trip! May be? hahahaha

It’s the Beach with a Book or Wait for Chinook

Snowbird season is 70% complete. Airline availability to warm destinations is plentiful. Ticket prices are also attractive. It’s best to secure return seats first because there’s a mass of humanity dying to get back to the places they couldn’t wait to leave a few months ago. Many people who have endured this winter imagine themselves on a beach or beside a pool right now.

Others are content to wait through the low temperatures until Spring arrives or a rare Chinook shows up. Today is a perfect example. The gal who works the check-in station at the health club I go to smiled! Is it a coincidence that she’s never smiled in the 6 weeks she has been employed and that today’s temperature rose from -21 to zero? I think not!

I’m in no position to judge others. I stood and stared and finally took the photo (right) of the sidewalk as I left the gym today. I did so because it’s the first day in 30 where every trace of snow was gone due to the mild temperature. If I don’t leave for Mexico soon, it’s only a matter of time before I start snapping photos of finches. I can’t even identify a finch.

Folks are Escaping more than just low Temperatures

We’ve focussed on severely cold temperatures but have recently received some surprising research data. In preparing for marketing the Concierto Resorts project, this information is most interesting.

Statistics indicate folks from Arizona, Nevada, California, New Mexico and Colorado are taking increasingly more vacations during the summer months to the very same places Canadians go during our winter. Five primary reasons of note are: decrease in temperatures; increase in humidity; access to large bodies of water; not crowded and cost $$. No mention of “improving oneself.”

Much like Rick Mercer, my spirits were momentarily sky high as was my adrenalin to get back to the gym today. When I arrived, this was the dismal reality. I took the photo in freezing temperatures while two young people heading to the gym stared at me with expressions of, “thank goodness he’s right by the hospital!”

We Can’t Forget to Smile

The two humorous posts on Facebook (left) poke fun at the futility many folks actually face across much of Canada and the US this 2018-19 winter. The post (right) however hopefully reminds you of an option to get through the worst of winter!

Winter is likely not over wherever you live. We hope you take precautions and stay safe! Smile broadly when temperatures rise, green grass pokes through and birds wake you before the alarm!!

And to Top It Off

This is Canada 🇨🇦 ❄️

Posted by Kamran Ali on Friday, February 1, 2019


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