Celebrating “Friendships in Colima”

We meet folks and quickly form friendships in Colima. It may be six months since seeing friends here and we all pick right up as if it were a week ago. Friends and family from home join us in Colima and experience the same joy. The week’s blog, as you may have guessed, is about friendships. We sincerely hope our love and respect for our amigos de Colima is conveyed as is our adopted pride in welcoming others to this beautiful State.

Colima sets the Friendship Bar High

Vacations prior to our introduction to Colima usually entail wonderful accommodations, great cuisine and relaxation time. That’s been our experience and we love it. Due to the limited time on most vacations, we rarely come to developing anything close to friendships. Experiences in Colima break that bubble consistently for us and others we know who vacation here.

We came away from each of our first few visits to Colima speaking about this wonderful couple or that caring family. We love sharing those feelings with our families and friends back home but started to think we sounded like a broken record.

It’s very humbling but also exhilarating to receive an invitation to a major celebration in Mexico as culture unfolds around us. Equally special is being welcomed into their homes to share time with their family.

The warmth they extend to us all is beyond description. Upon finding out we ourselves are expecting guests from back home, they are insistent that our guests also join in a family gathering and meal. Our friends have returned home and have literally been telling their stories of inclusion and care to others for years.

Admittedly, as one who is quite prone to exaggeration, there is absolutely nothing I could over-state about the amazing treatment we receive.

“Girls” Just Want To Have Fun

There’s nothing much better than people thoroughly enjoying friendships and each others’ company. Written words intended to explain the fun being experienced rarely if ever conveys that better than photos.

If you have any inclination to take a shot at me for using the term ‘girls’ to describe these ladies, please hold off in respect to Cyndi. (trivia#)

There’s Fun! Then there was Girls Fun! Now there’s Colima Girls Fun!

We boys (are you happy?) try to keep up, but without a club or fishing rod, nope! These ladies show up to dinner and consistently, a party breaks out!

Guys have to work hard developing stories about how outrageous our evening was or the unbelievable situations we get into. The photos generally never back up anything close to the story that’s just been told!

The Guys do have Their Moments

There’s really no basis to the theory that guys need a beer, fishing rod or golf club in hand to have some fun. To us, it’s accessorizing!

There are times when it’s hard to accurately describe what a guys’ day includes. Guys don’t compartmentalize activities, we just enjoy them. Remembering them is often overrated.

Granted, there are the dramatic struggles of landing a 250 lb black marlin or the elation of scoring the 201yd hole in one or the amazement of all when stopping for “one” round of drinks, but I digress.

Regardless of the day’s heroic feats, once the waiter arrives at the table it’s rare you’ll hear us say, “tell us about your day.”  It’s a gene thing.

Chillin’ with Family & Friends in Colima

Each day develops smoothly on the individual or collective whims of the group of friends. The rule that leads all others is that neither time or we need to be rushed. No quick decisions or actions required. Individualism is respected and supported.

We all yearn to join Steve at Office Depot in Manzanillo as he researches internet equipment or produces colourful brochures but we hold our tongues and give him the space he needs.

Everyone has their own pace and routines and it’s so refreshing to see the manner in which all the pieces of the puzzle seamlessly fit together. Friendships are strengthened when we all experience the outcomes of loosely developed plans. No Pain and All Gain!

We’re usually together most evenings and share the events, venues, accomplishments and at times, disappointments of the day. Photos and videos are numerous. Plenty of celebration for the highs and lots of support for the lows.

We recognize and agree that we don’t assign our time at home as effectively as we can. It’s different than managing time. We all do that too well. It’s the rarely assigned time to do what we do here. Speaking about topics long overdue. Activities often shuffled to the side at home. Return to the novel started in summer. Written notes or voice call to others. Observation. Reflection. Consideration. We time. Me time.


Forever Friendships

We often discuss the foundation of friendships we’ve been blessed with here in Colima. People we didn’t know the first time our feet hit this sizzling Mexican tarmac who welcomed us to Colima with warmth and affection. Folks have provided us with every courtesy and kindness possible. Friends with whom we’ve shared the joys of birth, the profound sadness of death, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, promotions, challenges and much more.

Colima’s scenery is absolutely amazing! Food, exceptional!  Warmth, sunrises and sunsets so astounding you’ll set the alarm for fear of missing them. Culture, history, venues, activities and celebrations that will take a lifetime to absorb.

It’s the group of our dear friends below however that is responsible for us falling in love with Colima and who we look so forward to seeing as often as possible!

¡Gracias a todos por vuestra verdadera amistad! Eres muy importante para nosotros y te enviamos nuestro amor.





We admit we also share the love of this image and reflect on the sound of the waves coming ashore. Nice to rely on it at times when sleep evades us back in the frigid north!!



We thank for looking in on us this week and wish you a fantastic weekend ahead!

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