Colima’s “Government House” a Gem

Colima, Mexico – City and State of the same Name

The City of Colima  (pronunciation: [koˈlima]) is a city that is the capital of a state by the same name and home to Government House. Colima state and the seat of Colima municipality is located in central−western Mexico. 

It is located near the famed Colima volcano, which divides this small state from that of the State of Jalisco.  Well known cities Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara are both located in Jalisco. Despite being the capital, the city of Colima is not the state’s main tourist attraction. Less tourist popularity is magnified by the fact the City of Colima is located an hour away from the Pacific Ocean and beaches. What it lacks in seaside fun is more than made up for in cultural diversity.

The City of Colima generates similar comments from friends visiting for the first time. “Very clean, colourful, uncrowded, natural,” all phrases we’ve heard several times. Very interestingly, many mention that new cars are seen everywhere you drive.

Colima has many historic landmarks, most notably those near a square called Jardín Libertad (Liberty Garden). It consists of a kiosk in the centre, brought from Belgium in 1891, surrounded by palms and leafy trees and bushes. It often hosts live music on weekends. These corner gardens have become our personal favourites. Love to sit and watch culture happen around us or do some work on the laptop.

The Business Hub of Colima

Colima is the fourth smallest state in Mexico and has the smallest population. Despite this, it has one of Mexico’s highest standards of living and the lowest unemployment. Colima is the state’s main commerce and distribution centre. With over two-thirds of the population employed in commerce,  services, hotels and transportation within the city, speaking to the vibrant tourism industry, it is the hub of business. Outside in the small 145+ communities of the municipality, agriculture is still the most important economic activity. 

Colima produces about half of Mexico’s lime crop and is second in the production of coconut meat and tuna. Most of Colima’s agriculture is based on perennial plants such as fruit trees, producing limes, coconuts, mangos and bananas accounting for 90% of the volume of agricultural production.

The City of Colima has been ranked as first as a livable small city in Mexico and tenth in Latin America by FDI Intelligence, a subsidiary of the Financial Times of London. It is evaluated under six categories: economic potential, human resources, cost-benefit ratio, quality of life, infrastructure and favourable business environment.

The Seat of Government House in Colima

Colima is widespread however there are many opportunities to walk to many locations near the city’s hub. These include historic sites, museums, art galleries, fine restaurants, upscale shopping, recreational areas. One major historic site is Government House, shown in the banner photo.

This structure is a major landmark and sought after location to visit for many years. Recently it underwent a restoration inside and out. It is once again a beautiful place representing the residents and the Government of Colima.

Governor Peralta effectively makes use of social media. The following excerpts are directly from his Twiter feed. Each is translated to provide us all with a little Spanish language practice session.

“I Am Grateful for the support of Julio César Villarreal Guajardo, Chairman of the Board of Directors , that this important project could be realized with his donation. Government House opens its doors!”

“Agradezco el apoyo de Julio César Villarreal Guajardo, Presidente del Consejo de Administración de , que con su donación pudo concretarse este importante proyecto. ¡Casa de Gobierno abre sus puertas!”


Above is a historic 70’s photo of Government House 

Sharing Colima’s Government House History with the Community

“Government House opens its doors! With a special tour to members of business chambers and civil society, we launched School Guided Tours, through which high school students will know the facilities and history of Government House.”

“Casa de Gobierno abre sus puertas! Con recorrido especial a integrantes de cámaras empresariales y sociedad civiles, pusimos en marcha las Visitas Guiadas Escolares, a través de las cuales estudiantes de secundaria conocerán las instalaciones e historia de Casa de Gobierno.”


Student field trips to Government House are a standard feature for students each term incorporated in their studies of the history of Colima. Of course, a visit with the Governor may not be a realistic expectation for each trip. But sometimes he does surprise lucky guests who show up!!

We greatly enjoy meeting Governor Peralta and touring beautiful Government House in the company of our good friend, Carlos Dominguez Ahedo.

Government House has a traditional Spanish grandeur with a contemporary feel. Combining antique and modern furniture is one of the ways this is successfully achieved.

Visitors are thrilled to see the newly renovated landmark and how it’s linked to Colima’s history.



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