Covering COVID-19 in Colima, Mexico

The daily COVID-19 report issued by the Government of Colima

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting Baby Boomers and later generations, on a world wide basis, like nothing we have ever experienced before.

The State of Colima, Mexico did at the outset and continues to deal with this challenge aggressively. The Government is very responsive and using many strategies to reduce the transference of the virus and keep citizens well informed.

Border closures, mandatory facemasks, closures of beaches, businesses, and public spaces, quarantine protocols, shutdown of the airport are examples of the steps implemented.

Social media communication is a major tool as well. It’s being used to ensure residents are well informed while at work or home. Updated each day, it tracks the progress of Covid-19 and announces new initiatives.

Governor Peralta leads the contact with the Colimese

Governor Ignacio (Nacho) Peralta in his 5th of his 6 year tenure as Governor

Governor Peralta has been the ‘on-site’ and ‘on-line’ leader in Colima. He has advised citizens on all key factors. Addresseing symptoms, face protection, distancing, gatherings, testing, stay at home orders, closures, and much more.

“The use of mouth covers in Colima is a mandatory obligation of all. It’s a tool to slow down the number of infections if we use it correctly, along with hygiene and distance measures. Use it for you, for your family, for all.”

The implementation of a “Mask Only” option in public was issued early into the COVID-19 pandemic. Beaches were closed and closely monitored by State police. Those ignoring the order are removed and/or fined. The empty mid-day beach by the Concierto office displays the decisive action taken.

Barren beach of Manzanillo Bay with Concierto Resorts office in tall white building.

Facing other Matters during a Pandemic

Of course, Peralta has faced additional major issues during this pandemic. Major rainfall and ensuing problems from flooding hit many areas of the State. He responds to this crisis, as most, by personally visiting the affected areas and following strict COVID-19 protocols while doing so.

With citizens of a Colima municipality, Governor Peralta surveys the flooded zones
Excessive rain has caused flooding and great concern for transportation

“So that no one left without eating, we started the Emerging Food Care Program, through which we delivered more than 80 thousand pantries to Colimians who stopped receiving income following the pandemic by Covid-19. With this program, the largest of its kind in recent history, we benefit more than 14 thousand homes in the state’s 10 municipalities.”

“The pandemic affects our economy, that’s why we design actions that allow us to contain job loss. We give credit to entrepreneurs to keep jobs open and we defer payment of various taxes.”

“As part of the State Government’s actions to generate jobs, due to the impacts of the pandemic, training scholarships are awarded for work.”

Daily Social Media Messaging:

Resident and Foreigner COVID-19 Testing

Numbers of Residents or Foreigners being tested for Covid at laboratories

Numbers of Negative, Suspected and Positive cases of COVID-19

Accumulation of Negative, Suspected and Positive Cases of COVID

Municipal locations and numbers of positive COVID-19 cases

Frequency of Positve cases of COVID in Colima Municipalities

Location of persons with suspected cases of Covid-19

Suspected COVID cases and location of patients, Home, Hospital or Deceased
Cases at various laborotories where testing’s been carried out.

Foreigner’s COVID-19 Case Samples

Foreigners statistics include Negative, Suspected and Positive.
Positive cases broken down as Active, Recuperated or Deceased

Symptoms and Stay Home Warning

COVID symptoms and reminder to stay home and quarantine

Review of COVID-19 Status in Colima

A COVID-19 update is reported daily in the State. This chart displays the monthly history of the virus’ progress.

May 05: Positive 33 Active 9 Recovered 19 Deceased 5// June 05: Positive 203 Active 89 Recovered 87 Deceased 29// July 05: Positive 699 Active 217 Recovered 401 Deceased 91// August 05: Positive 2142 Active 553 Recovered 1355 Deceased 259// Sept 01: Positive 3734 Active 587 Recovered 2734 Deceased 452// October 3: Positive 5105 Active 591 Recovered 3959 Deceased 599//

Specialized treatment for infants at Colima General Hospital

Here is a very good news story! An infant who entered the Colima General Hospital in urgent COVID condition has fully recovered. Staff are sincerely thanked for their courage, skill, commitment and care during COVID-19.

Happy family reuinited with their infant upon release from hospital.

Governor concludes 5th year with Message to Citizens

“By turning your eyes on what has been done over the past 5 years, I can tell you that we have worked to the maximum of our capabilities to deliver a better Colima than the state we receive.”

“With the program ′′ Colima Connecta ′′ there will be free internet service in rural communities in the state, fulfilling my commitment to ensure access to information, reduce the digital divide and support the educational training of our new generations.”

“Committed to the teaching community, we grant more than a thousand educational places that mean the work and economic stability of the Colimense Teachers.”

“Looking forward to the future, with one year until the end of my term, I can assure you that we will continue to work intensely, with the same passion, enthusiasm and determination as the first day.”

Our entire Concierto Resorts Team wish our many dear friends and all the people of Colima the very best as they, like the the world, battle COVID-19. Prayers are with all! Hope to see you again soon!

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