Creating a Vibrant Community for You

People tell us that our approach to creating a vibrant community is pretty unique! Many believe developers build homes and/or design communities and clients are left to take it or leave it.

But we’re doing things differently! We listen carefully, ask lots of questions, do extensive research, then share results and seek reactions. This process provides our planning with firm supporting data.

Our preceptive, knowledgeable team members share and support their strong opinions at all times. As well, we really appreciate the feedback we’re receiving from many followers because these comments cause us to reflect. As a result we have a plan we’re very confident in and eager to put into action.

Concierto Resorts is creating a vibrant community where people experience a meaningful purpose in life through active living, learning, and sharing.

The definition of VIBRANT is “pulsating with life, vigorous, energetic, vital or full of activity. These “active” terms describe what Concierto will look like every day of the week.

Responsive and Sensitive are also part of the definition of vibrant. These “behavioural” terms accurately describe how we’re conducting ourselves with others while developing the Concierto’s Master Plan.

Vibrant Community

We realize that designing a plan acceptable to all is likely impossible but that was our objective. You be the judge of some keys aspects we’re using to create this vibrant community and then let us hear what you think!

Our approach, unlike many developers, is being totally reactive in the planning process!! The basis is sound research and enormous amounts of feedback from people who love being in Mexico.

We understand that some folks might not be seeking privacy and serenity. Others may be disinterested in the unlimited activities that Concierto offers! It’s possible gazing out from your oceanview deck or falling asleep to the rhythm of the waves could be troubling.

Driving down the entrance boulevard lined with stately palms and fragrant bougainvilleas may not please everyone!

Some won’t want a brand new, luxurious, spacious apartment and the choice to help designing it. When design options at $0 upgrade prices are announced, some clients might say that’s not for them.

Some won’t care that Concierto offers the comparatively lowest prices for a new resort community condo on Mexico’s Pacific coast.

Home prices all listed in Canadian $$ dollars, saving clients 25%+ over US funds might even be ignored.

And we won’t be totally surprised some won’t want to fly to Colima direct missing a fabulous transfer opportunity.

But we’re hearing from many people that these are exactly the important aspects they’re looking for!

The Concierto Team is extermely excited with the keen interest and feedback and “We’re ready to deliver!

Survey Wrap-Up

The first five trends from our research reported in the last blog can be seen here. Below is the 2nd group of primary trending areas.

All areas will form a part of the Concierto Resorts Community Home Owners manual. All other lesser suggested topics and all future aspects will be given equally careful review.

Richard Dawson, Family Feud’s famous host, “and the Survey says…”

#6 Residency: the Requirements, Process and available Assistance:

Concierto will provide full guidance to all community residents interested in seeking any level of residency status in Mexico. Mexico’s official minimum salary rose another 20% this year. And with it rose the financial qualification criteria for legal residency in Mexico. This is making it more difficult for those retired on fixed incomes to qualify for a residency permit.

For help applying for residency or renewing your existing residency permit consider using the Mexico Immigration Assistance Service. It offers personalized advice. Read the February 2020 edition of the Mexico Newsletter

The Town of Comala just minutes outside the capital city of Colima

#7 Feeling comfortable in Mexican communities:

People seek comfort and confidence while visiting Mexican communities. Trips for residents to all areas throughout the State and further will be undertaken. We’ll promote involvement and immersion in all Colima’s communities, creating positive experiences.

#8 Understanding the Spanish language, currency, cuisine and more:

Concierto will assist residents with formative use of the currency and key Spanish phrases. We’ll welcome qualified local citizens to the community to provide lessons in language, dance, cooking, history, culture, etc. This part of the community dynamic will grow through the interests, ideas and energy of the residents.

Local specialty dishes at Don Camoleon

#9 Community Safety:

Colima has an exemplary record of low domestic crime but rival drug group violence in Mexico is not taken lightly. The Colima Government takes citizen safety seriously. We also feel comfort because Concierto is located four kilometers from a major army base.

Mexico’s National Statistics Institute is responsible for collecting and reporting data on Mexico’s international visitorsMexico is one of the world’s top-ten most visited nations. Despite negative news flow, especially about drug-related violence, people keep coming to Mexico.  Statistics from foreign consulate records consistently show that the overwhelming majority of visits to Mexico pass trouble-free. Mexperience 04/2019

#10 Volunteering, Working and Starting a Business:

The range of interests in this category is dependent primarily on the length of stay or level of residency sought. Concierto’s excellent relationships with contacts throughout the State will assist residents pursuing their objectives.

#11: Learning about Authentic Mexico:

This area is broader than learning the language and using the money. Folks wish to fully understand the country they choose to reside in. Residents will enjoy continous opportunities to be actively involved in the Mexican culture.

This will be addressed in various ways like carefully designed road trips around the State. Our Mexican neighbours will be also be welcomed to teach lessons and showcase traditional dance, art and cultural aspects.

Concierto’s NeighboursEl Real and Pasquales

These neighbouring communities are renowned world class surfing sites but offer much more. They’re located a quick a 10 minute drive from Concierto via a new paved bypass road. International surfing competitions have been staged here for decades. We speak to surfers from around the world and they say these areas are musts for the serious surfer!

International Surfing Competition, Pasquales, Colima 2013

El Real and Pasquales also enjoy very well deserved reputations for popular seafood restaurants and exciting fishing excursions. The Crab and Las Hamacas del Mayor restaurants are two of Colima’s favorites. We’re so happy friends brought us here on our first visit because we now love “fresh-daily!”

Located at Pasquales

Both El Real and Pasquales are favourite weekend retreats for people from around the State. During Mexican holidays there’s live music, dancing, fiestas, fireworks, delicious food & drinks and activities for all.

Whole red snapper is a favourite at The Crab in El Real, Colima

The City of Tecoman (teck o man)

Concierto Resorts is ten kilometers from the City of Tecoman. With a population of 100,000+ Tecoman offers all essential services for a thriving city. This includes a hospital, business centres, banking, hotels, restaurants, shopping, police, legal, dental and medical.

Tecoman is excited a new, full service shopping mall is expected to open by mid 2020. Concierto’s also very excited this mall is so close to our community.

Hospital located 10 kilometers from Concierto Resorts
Tecoman’s hospital is named in honor of respected Colima physician, true gentleman and our good friend, Dr. Jose Rivas Guzman.

The next two blogs will present the Concierto property location and day trips throughout the State in every direction. We’ll display the benefits of the community’s central location and quick access to all Colima has to offer.

¡Por favor, disfruten de una semana maravillosa!

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