Executive Team

Concierto Resorts – Canadian owned

Concierto Resorts is a Mexican company formed and owned by four Canadians who share a fervent passion for the ocean views, warmth, sea breeze, culture, cuisine, and people of the State of Colima, Mexico. All four are committed to be residents of the resort community. See a short biography of all Concierto Resorts owners below.

Steven Peterson – President

Steven lives with his wife Shirley, on a farm, at Midale, Saskatchewan. Steven received his education at Midale Central School and Diploma in Agriculture U of S, Saskatoon. He has been active in sports, community activities, farming and the oil business. He enjoys his farm living and organic farming at Midale. Living close to the Midale and area oil field has brought various business and consulting opportunities throughout the years. Most recently as an owner and President of Palko Environmental Ltd., a successful growth water disposal, oilfield waste Management Company operating in Saskatchewan and Alberta. Since the sale of Palko to Gibson Energy in 2012, Steven has acquired ownership of Canadian Clean Water Service Inc. As President and CEO Steven is excited about delivering a new patented water purification process to the world market. This venture has opportunity and presence in Canada, US and Mexico.

My Purpose for this Project:

“I became interested in a project like this a couple of years ago. Being a Saskatchewan farm boy, I am always interested in, “The Land”. I became immediately fond of the ocean views, with the warmth and sea breeze of the Pacific coast of Mexico. The “Land” for Concierto, was the first important piece for me. I was drawn to the beauty of the ocean, the beach and the palm tree plantation all set in a panoramic view. This place, where Concierto could be, had the potential to deliver this same vast personal feeling to all who could visit. I started to create a vision of what potential Concierto could become. This then offered the second interesting piece for me, the “Opportunity”. I had at this time in my life, the ability to contribute again to a business opportunity. In business you need passion and commitment to be successful. Concierto could be this next chapter for me and my wife Shirley. Why not build an ocean front resort in Mexico? My new purpose in life became: To deliver Concierto Resorts to the world, with the vast beauty of the ocean and the land together”.

Shirley Peterson – Director of Client Services

Shirley also enjoys farm living at Midale with Steven. Shirley received her education from Macoun, Estevan Comprehensive School and Kelsey Institute in Medical Laboratory Technology. Shirley has been a successful business woman herself. Shirley has been an Executive Senior Sales Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics for 36 years. She has consistently been a top achiever earning pink Cadillacs and numerous trips around the world. Shirley has built an organization of successful women across Canada and is considered a Mary Kay Pioneer in Canada.

My Purpose for this Project:

I have had the great privilege to travel the world on incentive trips with my business. With my favorites being the Ocean waves and sand beaches of many resorts in my travels . Concierto is a spectacular area on the ocean, nestled on a palm tree plantation, with a never ending view of the beach. A perfect place for relaxation and to enjoy local cultural activities. I believe many people have a dream in their heart where they wish to have, a “Get Away”, a place to go to. Especially those of us who like to get out of part of the world that has sub zero temperatures. The warmth of the sun is always calling us to such places. Well, I do believe in the philosophy… That if you dream it! You can achieve it! Concierto Oceanfront Resorts project has all the opportunities of making our dreams come true and experiencing a life style filled with harmony. Thank you.

Steven and Shirley are very proud of their three children Kyle, Krista and Kurtis and seven grandchildren. This would be Steven and Shirley’s cherished past time, enjoying these grandchildren. Steven and Shirley enjoy and continue to travel for business across North America. They have recently purchased ocean front property in Manzanillio, Mexico. They will continue to balance business with pleasure as participating partners in a new resort development, Concierto Ocean Front Resorts, in the state of Colima, Mexico. Steven and Shirley believe a good life and good business comes from managing a balance in life. Keep strong values of honesty, fairness, commitment and integrity.

Brian Gancheff – Chief Financial Officer and Director of Marketing and Sales

Brian Gancheff, the Director of Marketing and Sales was born, raised and has lived his entire life in Calgary, Alberta. He received a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Calgary and spent 32 years as a principal at ten Alberta schools. During his career he was integrally involved with the planning, construction and opening of two new schools in the communities of Chestermere and Airdrie. Following retirement in 2004 Brian was fortunate to join the leadership team at WestJet Airlines where he worked until his second retirement in 2012. He currently does private consulting specializing in staff development and team building primarily with Calgary’s legal firms. Brian’s children, daughter Michelle and husband Scott and four grandchildren and sons Chad and Taylor all live in Calgary and he is so happy to be close and very involved with them all. He has spent most of his life active in Calgary’s volunteer sector.

My Purpose for this Project:

During my childhood landlocked in Alberta, vacations that allowed me to be around water, walk on warm sandy beaches, wake up to bright sunshine and walk late at night studying the sky’s constellations were my favorites then and still are today. I found all this and so much more since first visiting the State of Colima in 2007. I’ve forged many friendships and have a great sense of comfort and familiarity when I visit. I couldn’t wait for my family members and friends to experience Colima and all it has to offer. They have and they love it!! Now I am so excited to have the privilege to be part of the Concierto Resorts Team and welcome folks from around the globe to introduce them to the warmth and joy of the people, the tastes, sights, sounds, culture, history and activities of this absolutely amazing paradise. And yes, we’ll be walking the beautiful beach in both the morning and under the stars.

Melanie Anderson – Director of Public Relations & Social Media

Melanie Anderson serves as Director of Public Relations and Social Media with over 40 years of management experience in the service and non-government sectors. She has worked in collaboration with government, non-government and corporate partners to offer programs and services for health, education and social service professionals and the general public. She has a long history of volunteering with numerous local, provincial and national non-profit organizations. In 2013, Melanie traveled to Brazil for 6 weeks to be trained as a certified Hatha yoga teacher and since returning to Calgary, she has specialized in teaching yoga for people who are 55+. Melanie is the proud Mom of two daughters (Lanie and Tara) and one son (Rory) and Grandmother to six granddaughters and one grandson.

My Purpose for this Project:

I fell in love with Colima the very first time I visited this beautiful state in 2007. I was captivated by the warm and friendly people, the lushness and vivid colours of the flora, the amazing cuisine, the Mexican culture, the weather, the ocean and so many other reasons. The dream to build a resort community evolved from that very first visit and although we have had our ups and downs the dream is still alive and thriving and about to become our reality, thanks in part to the continued support of our Colima friends. In addition to the creation of a community of authentic Mexican designed buildings and an abundance of modern amenities, I have also been committed to create a sense of ‘real community’ within Concierto Resorts, to provide everyone with the opportunity to enjoy all that Mexico has to offer and at the same time help each other and the community at large by being good neighbours.