During the stage of attaining the regulatory permissions for sale and construction we are prohibited from conducting any SALE related communications with prospective clients. This restriction includes advertisement of properties for sale, specific offer prices and contractual agreements for units not already approved for sale. We can however share that our plans include very interesting and exciting aspects that we can share: All prices for apartments will be listed in Canadian Funds.

The price points for units in Phase One will be comparatively the lowest for a new resort community on Mexico’s Pacific coast.

Pre-Development sale prices will feature units below $300,000 Cdn.

Average prices anticipated in the mid $300,000 Cdn range.

The rationale is based on our objective to:

• Escape the fluctuation of the American dollar
• Offer folks the seemingly out-of-reach opportunity to own a beautiful ocean-front home at prices far lower than are currently available
• Provide a significant advantage to clients whose currency is favourable to the Canadian dollar
• Set Concierto Resorts apart from the vast majority of Resort sales commonly priced in US funds
• Provide Concierto with greater stability in the project budgeting process without dealing with US fund concerns allow us to offer a cost-effective, wide a range of options to prospective home owners
• Grow the Concierto brand for affordable, quality homes in Paradise

Knowing what we’ve shared here, if you feel that ocean-front resort home ownership in beautiful Mexico may be something you’ll consider soon or in the future, we encourage you to start your own due diligence. Google Mexican resort properties and similar topics setting up a little grid for yourself noting important aspects needed when deciding on such an important purchase including:
• ease of travel to and from
• availability of key aspects (healthcare, groceries, banking, shopping, restaurants, car rentals, bus travel, tours, etc.)
• location that meets your needs and wants
• availability and affordability of personal extracurricular activities
• homes within your budget range
• floor plan sizes and options
• rental opportunities and revenue generation when you’re away

We don’t intend to market with comparison advertisements. We’ve all seen these where one property is pitted against another. It leaves the potential home owner with the option of blind faith or painstaking targeted research. When our regulatory approvals are complete, we will be excited to update the website to include beautiful renderings of the Master Plan for the property, condo building exteriors, and interior options. Floor plans associated base prices will be shared as well at this time.