Why People Love Mexico

Vol 2

We four partners at Concierto Resorts really love Mexico and everything this incredible country offers. So it’s no surprise that this is where Concierto Resorts will be built. However, we want to share how we got started and evolved to get here and the journey we’ve taken to find out why people love Mexico so much!

In 20+ blogs we’ve been very transparent about our deep affection for Mexico. It’s where we want to be when we’re away from beautiful Canada. We invite you to join us here in paradise and see for yourselves why this is such a very special place.

While the partners vacationed together in Mexico, we often spoke of dreams to build a beautiful ocean-front community here. And, to become the first residents! We knew we’d have lots of hard work ahead of us before ever seriously considering giving it a shot. That might the reason why there were so many discussions?

Many of our earliest, frank conversations focussed on whether we had the energy, time, faith and determination to take on the challenges. At that time we believed we did.

Since then, we’ve proven to ourselves that that assessment was correct! We have complete faith in each other to work hard and do all that’s required of us to bring this project to market.

When beginning our research, Concierto Resorts didn’t exist. Just four Canadians with a dream! Only after doing extensive research on property development, marketing, sales and consumer trends did we incorporate the company in Mexico.

We’re really pleased with the plan and know that understanding why people love Mexico was the most important step. Our team is very excited and looks forward to joining the leading ocean-front, residential resort communities in Mexico.

Team Concept@Concierto

Attempting to do a project like this in Canada, let alone in a foreign country, would be foolish without expert guidance. We’re so thankful to work closely with an amazing team of experienced professionals in Mexico and Canada.

They’re distinguished leaders in their area of expertise. Although they have many clients, the way they’ve embraced our project actually makes it seem like they’re working with us exclsuively. As a result we’ve become great friends!

The guidance, advice and responsiveness we get from the team is exceptional! We’ll share more about the folks below and the Team in Mexico in upcoming blogs.

Members of Jaw Drop Marketing and Concierto Resorts Team-Canada

What Makes Mexico a Top 3 Destination?

We’re rarely in the pool and not talking about the project. A lot of great ideas have been generated in here. It’s very motivating to be in this environment when discussing the experiences we want to bring to others.

We’ve compiled quite a list of desirable characteristics we’d like to see as part of the community. Each of us feels strongly about our own contributions and value each other’s ideas. Most items were the same or similar but there were also a surprising number of individually suggested items.

We believed that finding out from others why people love Mexico may provide even more surprises and much needed perspective. And of course, we really wanted to compare the thoughts of others to our own.

We speak with vacationers, ex-pat home owners and anyone else who’ll give us a few minutes. Discovering why people love Mexico became a regular part of our days.

We also felt it was very important to hear and understand what they felt ‘wasn’t working’ for them. Some items, mentioned numerous times, are every bit as important. We all agree it’s much easier and cost effective to address these trends early on and solve those that we’re able to in the planning stage.

OK, this might not have been one of the key management meetings!!

We’re all pretty shy so knew this wasn’t going to be easy. (smile emoji) To fully understand the best aspects of vacationing and ownership in Mexico, we knew we’d be having lots of conversations, but really!!

Man, People Really Love to Chat!!

Vacationers openly share the reasons they choose Mexico and other favourite destinations. They compare the merits of each and tell us the most important factors that affect their decisions about where to travel.

Much of the feedback is related to the climate and the geographic attributes (ocean, beach, mountains, color of the water, etc.) There’s plenty about the advantages of a specific resort or community. And many get really specific and talk about the positive and negative aspects of their own living space.

But the biggest surprise to us has been the large numbers of people that speak about their level of activity and how they feel as their vacation or extended stay rolls out.

Ex-pat home owners in Mexico candidly tell us their stories as well – the good, bad and in a few instances, the ugly. Many have purchased in resorts or communities and some have even built on their own, as we’re doing.

Steve (r) gains pespective on home ownership from Gerry Szakacs,
a long-time resident of Manzanillo and franchise owner of Mexican Bay Real Estate

We collect feedback in many ways; written, video, recordings and some committed to memory. (last choice) Conversations at restaurants often end up as notes on napkins. Chats on flights appear on the covers of the airline magazines.

Amazingly, lots of people are completely comfortable being video taped. We’ve done so on beaches, the market, some restaurants and even while vibrating in a massage chair at the mall.

When we introduce ourselves, we always share that we are from Concierto Resorts but that we aren’t trolling for clients. They love to chat when they know we’re seeking information and not trying to sell them anything!

Data Download

The folks we speak with cover a wide spectrum. From long-time home owners to first time vacationers. Newlyweds to grandparents. Many tell us that someday they’d love to own a home in Mexico to retire in or as an investment property.

A few current home owners tell us that for various reasons they feel a change of some sort is due. Most express that with so many options available, they’re looking for just the perfect place! The characteristics of what ‘perfect’ looks like is exactly what we want to know.

Based on how strongly folks feel about their contributions and how often each is suggested, we list all input as Desirable, Important or Critical.

Growing with Our Audience

We diverge here to speak briefly about social media and how as it relates to our efforts to gather information helpful for the planning.

Since incorporation, we’ve handed out stacks of business cards. We’ve also found out that cards seem almost antiquated in today’s business world. Many folks have kindly not chucked them and emailed us sharing their thoughts. Jaw Drop Marketing led the creation of this web site and shortly afterwards we all jumped into the pool of social media.

Concierto Resorts Facebook Page

These blogs about Mexico, regularly posted to the website have earned very positive reviews. Each is linked to all the media platforms listed at the bottom of this page. We also send them directly to a extensive list of followers via email.

All four of us contribute to the social media platforms posting photos, trip experiences, articles, re-posts, updates and a little humour. The combo of the web site and social media platforms has allowed us to promote Mexico and also have greater access to input from current contacts and others.

Sincere Thanks to everyone who shares the emails and media posts to your own list of contacts!! Please keep doing so!!

We’ve met a much larger audience this way who also generously share and really helped our efforts. All platforms have allowed us to greatly expand our knowledge base, contacts and perspective on living life to the fullest in Mexico.

Location, Location, Location

A Realtors’ mandate is location, location, location and we fully agree. It’s a huge step and emotional roller coaster deciding in which part of a city to buy a home. When we faced the daunting challenge of considering the purchase of property in Mexico for the Concierto Resorts community, it was all that and more!

In last week’s blog, www.conciertoresorts.com/findingtheperfectplace; the importance of pre-planning was empahsized. Vacation planning and resort community planning were also compared. Although vastly different, we’ve found the elements to be very similar. Priorities, discussions, options, preparations, resources, decisions! Both have to be done with great care!

The extensive pre-planning provided us with the knowledge and confidence required to begin property shopping in Mexico.

“If We Build It, They Will Come.”

This memorable phrase worked very well in the movie, ‘Field of Dreams.’ The only reason that we mention it here is because We Don’t Believe That It’s True!

In fact, in very sharp contrast, we’re planning this community to be keenly responsive to the input we’ve recieved about why people love Mexico. So much so, that when people are seriously looking at new resort home ownership or luxurious vacation rentals in Mexico, we want them asking, “Why in the world wouldn’t we seriously consider Concierto Resorts?”

Concierto Resorts Vision & Principles

Working with Jaw Drop Marketing we developed a framework including a Vision statement and the principles that define the manner in which Concierto Resorts will conduct business. https://jawdropmarketing.com/contact-calgary-marketing-company/

The Vision is what we feel will be the “personality” of the community based on both the research and feedback of why people love Mexico.

OUR VISION: A vibrant community where people experience a Meaningful Purpose in Life through active living, learning, and sharing.


  • Create an environmentally sensitive community
  • Promote the economic growth of the communities in which we invest.
  • Respect and embrace the culture of the communities in which we invest.
  • Develop a community that supports residents seeking a meaningful purpose in life
  • Create bonds of mutual respect, trust, honesty and integrity with our investors, clients, partners and communities.
  • Practice respectful and open communication.
  • Use ethical practices in all projects.


In our next blog, we’ll start to connect the dots for you by presenting the following:

  • Description of the key feedback collected
  • An introduction to and closer look at the Concierto Resorts property
  • The first of a two-part tour supporting the choice of this property

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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