Finding the Perfect Place

Vol. 1

The Importance of Pre-Planning!!

Finding the perfect place is not a simple task? Whether it’s a vacation, home, restaurant or gym, meeting with success is best done with a thoughtful plan. Because your time and wellbeing are important, solid planning should not be taken for granted.

Looking forward to vacation, many folks are really focussed on relaxation. Others want challenging adventures or new experiences. For most, it’s at least a departure from the challenges and routines of daily life.

Whatever the motivation, a vacation should be fluid and free from problems and stress. A plan won’t ensure all goes perfectly but it’s far better than rolling the dice each step of the way.

What are your Keys to Success?

The keys to the plan include that the mode of travel is safe, timely and reliable. And if at all possible, direct? Rooms that are clean, comfortable and well appointed. The prices of travel, food, lodging and activities are within your means and provide good value. Pretty standard, but necessary preparation for a successful trip.

When a vacation meets or exceeds all your expectations, it’s likely a homerun! However, comments from travellers in journals and on-line indicate this doesn’t happen very often!

A great deal of confidence is gained when we’ve planned well and enjoyed positive results. It provides positive impetus and a reduction in stress when planning for the next trip.

However for some reason pre-planning just isn’t a priority for everyone. At times the destination itself can prove disappointing for unexpected reasons. (I arrived to find the beach at the hotel had disappeared since my last visit.) Many random factors beyond our control can also force vacations right off the rails. No one should end a vacation immediately ‘needing’ another!

As Macauly expresses above, “leaving loved ones at home,” is actually the leadng stresser for most. Don’t feel guilty here if this doesn’t affect you! HaHa. Other stressors close behind are, “travel delays” and the “quality of the transportation.”

This article about vacation success weighs the importance of ‘how you behave’ on vacation compared to ‘what you do. (highlight link, right click, Go to link)

Careful planning is exactly what the Concierto Resorts Team has been working very hard at the past 24 months.

We’ve enhanced Vacation Planning

Of course we are planning a vacation of sorts. Concierto Resorts Oceanfront Resort Community.

However our vacation is once in a lifetime and we’re inviting absolutely everyone to join us!

We’re very pleased with and confident in the homework we’ve done! We’ve studied, listened, observed and inquired. The volumes of knowledge we’ve gained allows us to expand our options and carefully guide our decisions.

Guidance and Support on the Journey

We’ve discussed all aspects of the project with scores people working in property development and investment in Canada, USA and Mexico.

Of course we constantly pick the brains of people who vacation, own property or live in Latin America. Our personal experiences and careful observations while travelling has also proved very valuable.

We are truly grateful for the enormous amount of support we’ve recieved. Thank you for the opinions, advice, personal experiences, referrals, feedback, introductions and critiques.

Our families, friends, teammates and people we “just meet” along the way, have each fueled our enthusiasm and dedication.

Our close association with Jack and Astrid of Jaw Drop Marketing and their team from Cochrane, AB is a key. Together we’ve established our Vision, set goals & objectives and forged the Concierto brand. You know, the Plan!

Vision: “A vibrant community where people experience a Meaningful Purpose in Life through active living, learning, and sharing.

The Team unanimously believed that finding the perfect place for Concierto Resorts Oceanfront Community was our #1 priority.

And, We believe we’ve nailed it!!

Vol 2 is coming soon as well as exciting Project Updates each month in 2020!!

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