Focussed on Our Health and Wellness!

The four of us love all that life has to offer! We agree that Family is Number One!!  Not surprisingly, as a result of this belief, we also share a commitment to focus on our personal health and wellness. As our birthdays fly by, our children and our grandchildren grow, flourish and fill us with pride, we know we have work to do. We want to spend many years of quality time with our families at home and here at Concierto Resorts in Colima and we don’t intend to sit back and simply let nature take its course. We are focussing on the steps necessary to Orchestrate Our Best Life! 

Plan to Orchestrate “Your” Best Life

We often discuss the truly unique circumstances by which the four of us met. We’re so happy to have formed a great friendship and to be working together on a dream with a shared focus. The realization that we can call Colima our second home strengthens our relationships. Our life here strongly enhances our personal health, wellness, physical and mental acuity. We have a busy but balanced life in Colima. When we are working, it’s all out and when we relax, the same applies!! It’s a privilege to share our experiences in Colima with readers. We hope you recognize some elements here that will help you Orchestrate Your Best Life!

Routine Reactions

Folks on vacation generally wish to shed normal routines! Some yearn to sleep-in. Others to eat and drink with impunity. Still, others relish wearing shorts all day, every day! Letting daily responsibilities drift away is refreshing and healthy. We enjoy hearing folks reason(s) for their vacation. The dropping of routines overshadows most specific plans. Predictably, getting away from work, driving kids, shopping for groceries, cleaning the house, washing clothes and dishes, etc are routines most often expressed.

Less critical routines still play an important part of a normal day for most of us. These include modes of dress, makeup or not, shave or not, walk as opposed to driving, spontaneous or scheduled activities and speaking to total strangers or walking on by.

The major routines are taken care of by simply being on vacation but a personal choice is still required for the lesser routines. How dominated we are with the major ones back home strongly influences how determinedly we deal with the lesser ones while on vacation.

Setting Vacation Objectives

It’s great to drift leisurely into a vacation the first couple days. Many folks share however that they fall back into some semblance of home routines quickly. Do we really want to eliminate routines or retain many of our favourites under improved conditions?

Most folks share that their vacation planning is focussed primarily on scheduled activities. By doing so we may have unknowingly replaced the routine of a stringently scheduled life at home with another one on vacation. It’s vital to recognize vacations are usually designed to escape just that mode.

It’s refreshing to discuss with travelling partners what your “normal day” is going to look like aside from major planned activities. This can be influenced by the type of lodging and the number of and ages of those in the party. While this may seem like setting ground rules or routines, it is essentially a set of informal guidelines for quite the opposite. Your mental health and wellness will benefit!

Go with the Flow for enhanced Health and Wellness

Each of the four of us acknowledges priorities for our vacation. One wishes to visit a museum. Another, to try a new restaurant. To deep sea fish. Ultraglide! We support each other’s wishes. No judgement, No Pressure, No expectation, No problem!

We view art and enjoy great cuisine, land a trophy fish, take photos, go shopping, walk the beach, buzz over the ocean and hit the links. Our casual and agreed guidelines for travel allows all of these to take place here easily. Back home, just the mention of some could be like scraping nails across a blackboard.

There are several of our ‘routines’ from home that we thoroughly embrace here in Colima. And we dearly love the time to enjoy them! It’s just great to be the first up in the morning and to start an aromatic pot of chocolate-raspberry or cinnamon coffee. The fact it’s percolating and no one has to dress, drive or rush off to work is splendid! As is that leisurely second cup! No clock watching, unless you see it on the iPhone when that favourite routine starts.

The profile described is often attributed to the Retired in our communities. Most Retirees we’ve spoken to push back telling us that when they are at home, that first cup of coffee often gets reheated 3 times before it’s fully enjoyed. And not because they forgot where they placed it!

Vacation Catch & Release

Steve hasn’t fished for ages but was part of a 4 man team landing a 250 lb Black marlin and gained village Rock Star status! Melanie teaches 10 classes of yoga a week back in Calgary and has taken a total break but has discovered an intriguing word game to enjoy on her phone while poolside. Shirley was in total relax mode for several days and then enthusiastically ramped back up to lead a Mary Kay Directors’ teleconference. Brian reads a great deal at home. He’s been reading a great deal here. Hey, they’re not all success stories!

Reflect, Relish & Return

People often reflect on their vacation when their seat hits the plane seat for the return trip home. Phrases such as, “I’m really going to miss,” “I wish I had,” “why didn’t I,” and “next time.” These types of phrases are not just related to the regret that the vacation is over. It is often an indication that the vacation was not planned with clear objectives in mind. Filling up each day with back to back activities may not be what was needed. Assessing your needs should be the “key.”

We’re speaking with several Canadians and Mexicans from other states in Mexico during this trip. They feel a vacation here in Colima is distinctly better than other places they’ve been. We all love this laid back atmosphere of Colima. Appreciative of the lack of crowds at beaches, restaurants and stores. Activities found in large tourist destinations are available here at a fraction the cost with quicker access.

Being at ease when renting a car and driving to Colima’s main attractions and nearby States. Excellent shopping and restaurant choices. The most frequent comment is about the incredibly warm, friendly, helpful and lovely local people who tourists interact with regularly! Those in restaurants, shops, rentals and others just going about their own days but having the  open hearts and wonderful spirit to look you in the eye, smile and share, “Hola, buenas dias!”

What They’re Saying….

Linda says a beach walk, regardless of the distance, grounds her. Pierre is intrigued with the markets and visits often for nothing in particular but expresses he’s energized. Greg’s practising changing locks on expensive apartments he likes. Bob told us that swimming is a daily routine (he used that word) he wakes up relishing. Lana wanting a killer tan that will last weeks when she arrives home. Sylvie tries on every Mexican styled dress she can put her hands on. We’re told, she’s also shopping for a third suitcase. Alvero lives hours inland in Mexico and is drawn to the ocean for fishing and the pool for swimming. Similarly, Mike from Monterrey loves early morning net fishing, caring little about his catch. Don’t get us started about how our nails, hair and skin feel while we’re here!!

Asked if they felt their health and wellness was enhanced through their time spent in Colima, they were unanimous in agreement. They speak about restructuring life ‘back home’ to more closely reflect the lifestyle they’ve created here in their 3 week-4 month stay.

Our Team’s Keys for shared Health and Wellness

Our gang have some “shared keys” (in bold) that fulfil our spirits and strengthen our health and wellness. Steve and Brian must have some standing in the pool time discussing and solving the world’s issues. Love the drink, but more his joy, when Steve spontaneously springs his special margarita fests on us. Shirley’s self-effacing mastery of local tapas to everyone’s great delight. Melanie positivism about the day, the project and life in general. Brian’s compulsion to take photos enhanced with a slick new selfie stick.

The pre-eminent favourites for the Concierto Team are welcoming family and friends to Colima, forming new friendships, engaging conversations with visitors, spending time with local friends, new discoveries about Colima and evening dinner parties all focussed on improving our health and wellness! 


Brian, Melanie,                            Steve, Shirley, Melanie                                   Carlos, Steve, Shirley,

Steve, Shirley                                                                                                                Pipi, Melanie, Brian


Antonio, Efrain, Edith from WestJet

We happy to share a treat with you that we enjoy each evening,  the 24-hour cycle of Colima sunset masterpieces!!