Location, location, location

Mexico, Colima. Beautiful. Available. Affordable.

Tecuanillo is located on the west coast of Mexico on the Pacific Ocean. With its pristine black sand beaches, palm trees, and the booming city of Manzanillo only a short hour away, Tecuanillo exemplifies a dream location for people who plan to invest in a healthy post-career lifestyle. Concierto Resorts’ tagline may say it all: Never be bored.

Why Colima?

  • The warmth and talents of local people
  • Exquisite local cuisine.
  • Blend of traditional and modern cultures.
  • Excellent year round temperate climate.
  • Accessibility to excellent health care.
  • Personal safety – low crime rate.
  • Excellent highway system and road conditions.
  • Expanding direct airline service
  • Affordable cost of living.

Why Tecuanillo?

  • Beautiful oceanfront location
  • Majestic palm plantation property
  • Close proximity to a large urban centres with essential and desired services:
    • Health care
    • Shopping
    • Banking
    • Law enforcement
    • Personal Care
    • Restaurants
    • Recreation
    • Airports