Best Kept Secret, Beautiful “Colima, Mexico!”

We are so excited to explain where our home away from home, the seemingly secret State of Colima, Mexico is located. We also will focus one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico or anywhere, the capital city of the state, also named Colima and many of the reasons why we love it so much.

Colima is the second smallest state in Mexico located on the Pacific coast. Because most folks haven`t heard of Colima we often explain that Manzanillo, the largest port in Mexico and the main tourist destination in Colima is situated 160 miles south of Puerto Vallarta to put things in perspective.

Saskatchewan Residents may lobby Government for highway directly south to beautiful Colima, Mexico

The latitude of Colima is the same as the Hawaiian Islands and offers a consistent year-round temperature of 25-29 degrees Celsius. Interestingly, it also shares the same longitude as Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

We are very happy to report that Colima shares none of the severe temperatures experienced in Saskatchewan winters although the iconic Volcano de Colima does get snow at times. Whenever this happens, residents jump in their cars and head up to touch the white stuff.

The State boasts a modern urban infrastructure, a thriving agricultural and business sector, advanced, accessible and affordable health care services, excellent highways, 60+ miles of pristine beaches, a safe public environment, an efficient international airport and a strikingly low cost of living when compared to Canadian standards or any of the other Mexican tourist havens.

Residents and visitors alike enjoy these aspects that contribute to helping us all achieve rich, productive and fulfilling lives and maximizing the excitement and enjoyment of vacations.

Colima, Mexico: Home of Thriving Culture and Lifestyles

Colima, the Capital City of the State is a strikingly clean, thriving city with an eye to the future. Driving down its paved boulevards, many bordered with amazing bougainvillaea, we see well-maintained homes, upscale shopping and restaurants, new cars, children in uniforms excitedly on their way to schools and well-dressed professionals, all that showcase an economically rich Mexico and a proud city populace that boasts an affluent middle class.

The standard of living in Colima ranks it as one of the best small cities to live in, with a population of 170,000,  throughout all of Latin America.

Colima is also home to the University of Colima that’s popular with locals, exchange students and visitors seeking to learn Spanish. As a result, the residents of this State rank as some of the best educated in Mexico.

The Colima cathedral, the Basilica Menor, has been rebuilt many times since its 1894 construction. Its neoclassical design is still beautiful to see. If you crave a little old world charm in a modern city, there’s nearly always something happening in the old city square of Jardín Libertad (Liberty Garden).  One of the most popular places in the City, the Jardin Libertad as shown in the photo at the top of the blog, symbolizes the very best of the Mexican culture

Traditional and/or seasonal celebrations such as Cinco de Mayo and Day of the Dead, cultural fairs, art, drama, choirs, magicians, parades, fashion shows, bands, concerts, culinary features, special sponsored events, designated sporting routes such as marathons and bike racing, casual and fine dining and a myriad of surprise events can be expected in this magical location.

The city’s oldest and most-renowned hotel, the Best Western Hotel Ceballos, adjacent to Jardin Libertad, is stunningly beautiful with its arching columns, colonial charm, outdoor street-level dining area and activity all around!

Walking under its arches you can sit and watch the world go by or thoroughly enjoy some the city’s best shopping for blocks surrounding the square.

Colima, Mexico affords a great chance to learn about the Culture 

A wonderful aspect about Colima City is the fact that the streets aren’t teeming with tourists, so walking around has given us the opportunity to gain a good sense of the local people going about their regular lives without pandering and to learn about the culture as it unfolds.

 What an amazing treat to visit one of the many the beautiful, serene, finely manicured garden areas around Colima Centro and feed the pigeons, sip flavorful cinnamon coffee, enjoy an ice cream cone, eat delicacies such as strawberry, chocolate or almond flavor filled churros, sit and chat or listen to the sounds of the city.

I would strongly recommend you wear leather shoes when you visit and enjoy the ultimate shoe shine from one of many artisans around the square. More than once I’ve caught myself leaving to drive to Colima wearing sneakers or sandals and gone back inside and found a favourite pair of leather shoes for just that occasion!!

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