No Reservations about Deciding on the Best Restaurants in Colima, Mexico

Since the four of us met we’ve shared a love of great food and of laughter. With some tongue in cheek, we’d like to share how the two mesh perfectly for us as we set out to choose the best restaurants each and every day.

We vacation together in Colima and wake up fueled by a passion to choose the best restaurant for a terrific dinner each night. We consider many factors and at times these are more important than the type of food itself.


Decisions of the best restaurant for breakfast, brunch, lunch, late-night snacks or fast food indulgence are made with due care but pretty much on the run with us. When we get up in the morning and one of us suggests going out for breakfast, we are among the four most compliant people on the planet! A decision usually takes place in moments and we’re all happily on our way to a great meal.

It’s much the same when deciding on where to eat lunch when we’re off conducting business, shopping, at the beach or sightseeing. Steve usually rallies our team by asking, “where should we eat,” and one of us responds with a favourite restaurant and away we go!

Dinner, unlike breakfast or lunch, is in a totally different realm altogether and deserves a good deal more due diligence before a decision is reached!

It’s been this way ever since we began travelling to Colima and discovered the array of amazing restaurants.

Dinner serves as a hug to each other, a celebration of a day of joy, experiences, associations and successes and we feel we deserve it!!

It must be noted that none of us can honestly name just one of the myriads of superb restaurants as our personal favourite. Each has unique qualities that fit the mood, the occasion, the setting, the memories or the urge that makes it the ideal choice for the day!


We have learned that the time of day is the vital element in the decision-making process of picking the best dinner restaurant. This decision must be made no later than 10 am while we are all at the top of our game. Doing so in this manner has shown to be more reliable than a decision made when influenced by the pangs of hunger or the incessant ticking of the clock steers us into a potentially reckless decision.


When travelling alone, how hard can it be to decide where to eat? I’m hungry and I’m going to eat! But with two people a new element is usually introduced, agreement! Now there’s four of us, all with strong convictions and we recognize that some serious work has to put into this.

Pitching our individual campaign to affect the group’s decision of the best restaurant for dinner is intense! Each one of us realizes the need to be well prepared first thing in the morning if we hope to convince the others that our restaurant of choice is #1 for the evening.


Several factors generally affect decisions when choosing the best restaurant for folks on vacation. These may include the number of people in the party, the budget for eating out, proximity to and location of restaurants, appropriate dress codes, the kind of food they’re longing for, the cuisine the vacation area’s famous for, personal history with local restaurants and trusted recommendations.

The internet is now full of opinions from legions of restaurant visitors who write reviews about every aspect of their experiences for literally the entire world to digest. Is this plethora of information a benefit or a boon?

The comments about restaurant experiences include but are not limited to aspects such as -the decor, -the ambience, -the staff, -the experience including the greeting, time to place a meal order and to receive it, the presentation, the size of the portion, the taste, price, wine lists, forms of payments, appearance and cleanliness of the washrooms, parking, music or entertainment and much more. You can get so caught up in the minutiae or be affected by even one bad comment that sadly, you may show up at a restaurant with lingering mixed or negative thoughts before the evening even starts.

Approaching our decision in the way we do, we never have to deal with this negativity. Once we’ve chosen the best restaurant for the evening we’re free to focus on our activities and to look forward to the gem waiting for us!


We’ve used many approaches when deciding on the best restaurant experience. There are never bruised feelings for those of us whose choice is relegated to next-day status!

The methods we used early on in our travels included  i) short straw or long straw, ii) first Jack picked out of the deck, iii) whoever made morning coffee, iv) the best guess of the number of people on the beach visible from the balcony at 830 am, and a number of other rather dubious methods. None of us had any reservations in shamelessly offering to pay the bill if our choice was acceptable to the rest.

Thankfully we have evolved, even though the previous methods rarely, if ever, resulted in less than stellar meals. We now firmly believe that the decision to enjoy dinner in a great restaurant demands thoughtful and careful preparation by each of us. The research we do on our phones while enjoying early morning coffee on the deck includes “catch of the day,” “entertainment,” “special events,” “time of sunset,” “walking or driving,” and is a key part of the exercise.

The morning session may take the form of oral submissions, highlights of amazing past experiences, photos of memorable meals, rationale based on any guests and much more.


Colima is blessed to have so many wonderful restaurants, rich in tradition and atmosphere. Staffs are warm, welcoming, talented and remember us when we return. Meals are created with daily fresh ingredients.  The seafood’s never-frozen because it’s delivered day-of. Cuts of beef are large, juicy and flavorful. The vegetables come from local farms. Many of the dishes are created right at our table and the preparation of meals and the products they use are often explained to us by the chefs or restaurant owner.

As if that isn’t already fantastic, the low prices for these amazing meals simply astound those who visit Colima for the first time. For goodness sake, there are actually some restaurants that provide quality tapis to guests at no charge with the purchase of drinks, also priced so low we’re baffled how they do it!

My name is Brian Gancheff and I am one of the four Canadian founders who came together with a shared dream of creating the Concierto Resorts ocean-front community in beautiful Colima, Mexico. We couldn’t be happier to be able to enjoy so many great restaurants and the joy of sharing them with others. If you want to know more about Colima or if we can be of assistance with specific recommendations for your best restaurant experience in Colima please let us know.

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