Senor Sushi for Superb Service and Seafood

Our evening at Senor Sushi in Manzanillo, Mexico is turning into a memorable experience! Whether it’s the personal service or what we expect is the amazing sushi to come, it will keep us talking for days. We sense we’re about to enjoy the very best of both!!

Choosing Sushi for Supper

Senor Sushi has been right here on the main boulevard in Manzanillo, Mexico for all 12 years we have been vacationing. We’ve stopped and picked up take-out and had lunch a couple of times in the past. This, however, is the first time that the restaurant has popped up in our evening meal sweepstakes.

Not having had an evening meal here has absolutely nothing to do with the quality of the restaurant. It’s only because the restaurant is located away from the ocean and doesn’t serve Mexican food. Just like the pizza, burger and Chinese restaurants, it’s been an “other than supper” kind of choice for us! Tonight’s experience may change that concept!

A Man truly in his Element

The decision to consider Senor Shusi for dinner came about because Steve had a meeting with a fellow yesterday and they met at the restaurant. Steve’s raved about a senior server named Ramon who he and Shirley have met before. He said Ramon is the most exuberant restaurant staffer they’ve ever met! Ramon’s comment to Shirley and Steve on their first meeting was, “consider this your home!”

Later in the day, we drive to a restaurant close to Senor Sushi where I think I left my camera last night. As I come out after my inquiry (and no camera) here’s Ramon standing at the car speaking with the gang. I’m introduced and get an immediate sense of joy from his gregarious personality and a huge smile. Not unexpectedly, we commit to coming for supper very soon.

Even Ramon is surprised we’ve arrived tonight. Greeted with his great smile and warm hugs we’re shown to his section, of course. His first words to us, “what a pleasure to see you all and have you join me for dinner tonight. You have chosen the best night of all. Let me get you some drinks and then I will excite you with the specials,” Ramon says.

Expert Guidance with Extensive Menu

Our previous takeout or lunch orders from Senor Sushi have been Combo #1, #2, etc. The dinner menu, however, poses a much greater but pleasurable task. There are more than 100 choices. That is a big enough challenge in itself. But as we wait for our beer, amazing platters of sushi are whizzing past our table. Our decision making has to be speeded up.

A waiter shows up with the drinks with Ramon closely on his heels to explain the specials. “I suggest the 3 for 2 special for you. Order any two mega rolls and the third is free,” he says happily. Ramon adds, “It is our most popular special and one reason we are so busy tonight. I’m the other reason,” he adds laughing heartily. “But don’t worry there will be no delay in your order coming out,” he shares.

Let’s get this Order going Forward!

Steve and I speak over each other ordering the Spicy Tuna. “Okey-Dokey, two spicy tuna,” replies Ramon. Melanie loves the sound of the Mandarin Roll. The Masago (caviar) Roll is Shirley’s choice. A pause now lingers around the table. Ramon says, “what will you order for the two complimentary rolls?” Menu!!

Shirley asks if the Kamikaze Roll is a good choice and Ramon keenly supports the choice. One more! Steve suggests we order a Suspiro Roll and the same confident nod comes from Ramon and the deal is done. Nope, wait just a second. Melanie asks, “should we share a salad?” A salad?? Shirley and Steve agree!

Ramon smiles proudly and says, “the seafood salad is the very best in Manzanillo. You will love it.” Seafood salad it is! Ramon quickly runs over the order and gives us another hearty, Okey-Dokey, his signature phrase that rolls off his tongue at just the right moment.

We’ve just put our hearts into placing this order and now sit back, sipping and thinking that we’ve just completed a million $ merger!

Ramon suggests a Memory as the Sushi arrives!

A core of servers including Ramon begins delivering sushi to our table. My first thought is that the food looks absolutely amazing! The second is, there’ll be take-home for lunch tomorrow.

Ramon jumps on the moment and asks if he can take a photo of us with my phone. Our expressions are likely to get even more appreciative once we’re enjoying this meal. I offer, “but wait, should we start before the salad arrives?” I’m rewarded with silence.

The salad has arrived, I’ve tried a couple of bites and as so often happens, I have to apologize once again! OMG!!

Does the Sushi live up to the Hype?

It all looks very good but will these sushi rolls and other seafood taste as amazing as it looks? We’ve started and critiques will come later. Sharing platters of 8 pieces with 4 diners is the only way to go! One distinct taste after another with a (good manners-brief) pause between each tender piece.

We’re all giving each other the Christmas dinner warning, “eat slowly so you don’t get full too quickly.” Easy to say. I absolutely love this salad and am feeling bad about my criticism about ordering it. This tuna will get me over it.

Oysters, scallops, tuna, shrimp, octopus, tuna salad, crab, salmon and avocado frames this beautiful dish. A meal in itself, but we’ve ordered it as an add-on! Fresh, succulent seafood with a dusting of sea salt and lime juice. Absolutely Mouthwatering!

The Spicy Tuna has a “huge kick” to it. Masago must be Spanish for “melt in your mouth.” The Mandarin roll boasts thick salmon and crunch of cucumber. The Kamikaze Shirley is created with heat, roe, crab and perfection! Finally, the Suspiro Roll is topped with cream cheese and spicy salmon.

Live to Fight Another Day

We are offering appreciative moans and some reaction to the spicy items. One apparent aspect is that the chopsticks, used by all of us, are moving faster than our lips. That’s a rare occasion for sure!

Ramon visits our table regularly but is all over the place greeting folks and making them feel welcome. Suddenly he’s here with a look of sheer amazement on his face. “Oh my goodness, you were hungry,” he chuckles.

We look at each other and know we’ve come to the end. On each of the six platters there a few pieces remaining. The now-famous seafood salad is completely gone. Do we pay the bill, thank Ramon for his excellent service and leave the restaurant without a take-out container? The idea is briefly discussed.

In what we believe is his finest moment, Ramon says, “you don’t want to wake up in the morning and think about the delicious sushi you left at Senor Sushi.” “Steve says, “okey-dokey,” and I ask Ramon for the bill and ask him to package the leftovers, pictured left.

“I will for sure but what about dessert,” he asks. Together we all say there’s no way we could eat any dessert. “Excellent,” Ramon responds, “Let me treat you to a wonderfully soothing drink of Kaluha, Almond, ice cream and heavy cream blended with shaved ice.” 

Only because we don’t want to hurt Ramon’s feelings, we accept what proves to be an equal to his finest moment! Like the entire meal, the drinks are served with great pride by Ramon and as you can see, are very generous! And very delicious!

Outstanding Service, Exceptional Cuisine, Mind Blowing Value!

Even though you’ve read about the dinner, you can’t fully appreciate the excellent service Ramon has provided. Nor can you be expected to truly understand how delicious the sushi and seafood actually tasted. You can however fully understand the value of this dining experience.

The bill has arrived and been handed to me, likely because of my salad gaff. I’m staring at it and can’t quite comprehend what I see. I am adept at paying in pesos but often make a mental conversion to Canadian $$ out of pure interest. This can’t be accurate?

The photo of the bill is a little light but hopefully, you can see the unit costs and total. Each of the rolls is 90 pesos ($6.00 Cdn) The exceptions are the Mandarin Roll 125 pesos/$8.35 Cdn. and the Seafood Salad 140 pesos/$9.35 Cdn.

The total for one of the most incredible dining experiences – 705 pesos ($47 Cdn/$11.75 per person)

We all would love to have you join us soon at Senor Sushi to meet Ramon and savour this incredibly fresh and tasty sushi!!

Thank you sincerely for reading about our great evening out in Manzanillo, Colima!!

“Muchas gracias Ramon, la noche en Senor Sushi ha sido una de las mejores! ¡Volveremos querido amigo!”

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