Small State the Smart Choice

Colima has just what’s needed to make this small State the smart choice for Concierto Resorts. It alligns with the company’s vision and principles and supports the research the and feedback received.

Last week we took some ribbing from readers about the “l e n g t h” of our last blog. Most explain they read the blogs on hand held devices and therefore need them to be shorter and more manageable. We do recognize that when we start commenting about Mexico, it’s pretty free flowing but this is our promise to dial it back!

This is the first in a series of “short blogs” to show how all the information we’ve gathered is connected. Phrases that support the feedback, research, vision and principles are in bold print.

The sections of the Concierto Resorts website shows how all the data is aligned to address the needs of our future neighbours. Please take a look. (highlight & right click)

The company’s Vision and Principles can be reviewed in last week’s blog entitled, ‘Why People Love Mexico.’ (highlight & right click)

And the Survey Says…

#1Value!” People won’t accept very poor conditions to get a lower-priced vacation package but a large majority do say they’ll crunch their pre-trip priorities to stretch their dollars. Current home-owners state that price is the main factor when deciding between final options. It’s even more important than ‘location’ in several cases.

#2 “The Need for Interesting Activities!” Kids and adults alike need a lot of activities to keep things fresh. A steady diet of a pool, novel and even margaritas loses the impact after a week. (1) getting bored, (2) not enough interesting things to do for all age levels and (3) being faced with way too many high-priced options are the biggest concerns.

#3 “Direct Travel!” With air travel, a ‘direct to destination’ flight is a priority for all. Time lost during air transfers is the most negative aspect in this area. Keeping children happy is second and lost luggage, 3rd.

#4 “Essential Services and Shopping Available!” This section has the greatest number of aspects. It includes the expected areas such as medical, groceries, restaurants, banking and internet/phone, etc. Others include veterinary, legal, volunteer opportunities, car rentals/taxi service, movie theatres and home care services.

#5 “Peace & Quiet!” It’s somewhat surprising this is in the top five! Granted, people express they really enjoy excitement and special events but also want to chill out! They need a calming place with minimal noise and activity, without having to shut themselves inside their home.

#6-11 next blog….

Small State Profile in 88 Seconds

Although bordred by the Pacific Ocean Colima is in southeastern Mexico and the Central Time zone due to the country’s shape. The State has 2,173 square miles, making it Mexico’s 4th smallest.

Colima ranks as Mexico’s least populated state with just over 800,000 people. The three largest cities, the Capital city, Colima; Manzanillo and Tecoman each has more than 100,000 residents.

Concierto Resorts is located just right of the inlet and possible future marina between Cuyutlan and Tecoman

The small State of Colima is well known for its relatively high standard of living and low unemployment. It’s recieved numerous annual awards from the federal government for low domestic crime rates.

In the past decade Colima has grown sigificantly as a thriving tourist centre. This is due in part to increasing number of airlines servicing Colima. Many first-time visitors from around the globe are delighted to finally discover Colima because it’s easier to get here.

Colima’s well maintained beaches and 100+ miles of ocean access are very popular. Surfing enthiusiasts and avid fishermen alike love this for sport and top international competitions.

The State is economically strong with the vibrant industires of Tourism, Service, Agriculture, Fishing and Mining. Colima is the largest sea port in Mexico. It’s the World’s leading producer of limes and also known as the World’s sailfish capital. It even has its own volcanoes!

What Folks are Saying?

Over 85% of folks say they’ve vacationed in 3 or more countries with most very positive about their other destination choices. “Mexico” however ranks highest and keeps them coming back because it meets their needs, is easy to get to and is great on their wallets.

The 2019 statistics indicate a 7% increase over 2018 for vacation travellers from Canada to Mexico. It’s not surprising that people say they’re “Not One and Done” when it comes to Mexico.

We Just Need a Postal Code

The first three phases for Concierto Resorts is planned for construction on 12.5 acres (5 hectares) of oceanfront property. It’s located 500 metres down the beach from the Hamlet of Tecaunillo and just ten kilometers from the vibrant city of Tecoman.

At Concierto’s secure, gated community residents enjoy two kilometers of beautiful, black volcanic-sand beach. The property lies within a vast, lush, palm tree plantation and this private location is a huge asset to the creation of the serene atmosphere we envision for the Community!

Looking towards the Concierto Resorts property -Tecaunillo, Colima

Spend Time Relaxing not Transferring

Colima’s “Playa de Oro International Airport” welcomes an ever increasing number of airlines. Most feature direct flights from origins in Western Canada, USA and Mexico with flying times under 5 hours. Some have seasonal schedules and it’s hoped the increasing consumer’s demands will result in expanding flight seasons.

The Playa de Oro terminal is small and because the landings are so well scheduled, rarely do two flights arrive at the same time. The efficient Customs process gets folks through Security screening quickly and happily heading off to Paradise.

Playa de Oro International Aiport – Colima

It’s a direct drive on an excellent multi-lane highway from the airport to Concierto with the last 10 kms feeling especially theraputic! Open the car windows, turn up the Spanish music and put on a happy face as you pass under a canopy of stately trees while enjoying the fragrant bougainvilleas.

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