Colima’s Captivating Beaches – “Playas cautivadoras de Colima”

Colima’s captivating beaches (playas) captured our hearts over a decade ago. Expansive, inviting, and pristine! You can walk beside the ocean for miles and dip your toes whenever you choose. We want to do just that, and invite you to join us!!

Colima is a coastal state located in the middle of the country bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the states of Michocan and Jalisco. It’s Mexico’s 4th smallest state and has about 140 kilometers of coastline.

Colima’s captivating beaches are famous for the sand and much more. Some are renowned for surfing. Others support amazing resorts. Many are home to exquisite restaurants. And still others provide romantic settings for sunset wedding galas, family parties and traditional Mexican celebrations.

Tourism – “Turismo”

Barra de Navidad, is a place simply called ‘Barra’ by everyone there. It’s a great favourite for legions of American and Canadian snowbirds.

There are many options for accommodations. Even those furthest from the playa and often the least expensive, are only a 15-20 minute walk to get your toes in the sand. Bikes are favoured in connecting folks to the beach.

Sun worshipers, volleyball, merchants, surfers & sandcastles and some with metal detectors are a few of the many varied activites you’ll see at Barra!

Playa Barra de Navidad

Playa Miramar really grabs your attention as you drive into the City of Manzanillo from the airport. It’s located directly across the highway from resorts, is crowded but not overcrowded. The tide allows you to walk well out into the water without worrying about the waves. This factor alone makes this a very popular beach with adults and families alike.

Playa Miramar

Playa La Audiencia on Santiago Bay seems like a private enclave within Manzanillo, but it’s not. You’ll face an intricate, winding drive to reach the beach but will be delighted when you arrive.

The 1979 movie “10” introduced the world to Bo Derek, and this beautiful, elusive beach. As expected, immediately after the release of the movie, the beach became immediately popular. That has endured forty years later!

We have dear friends who live at an apartment here and cherish each visit to see them and the stunning views. La Audiencia richly deserve 2 photos.

Playa La Audiencia
La Audiencia

Home of Concierto Resorts Office – “Hogar de la oficina de Concierto Resorts”

Manzanillo Bay is where the Concierto Resorts office is located and is our favourite. The flat terrain makes it a favorite for early morning and late day walkers and joggers. The power of the waves can be significant and beach flags notify people of current conditions through each day.

An early morning 10 kilometers walk to Las Brisas (at far right of photo) is a real treat. Admittedly, easy access to many street-side pubs, restaurants and taxis have all factored into our return trips.

Hang-gliding, para-sailing, water-skiing and numerous sand and water sporting activities are popular here! It’s surprising that for such a large beach, very few beach merchants selling products, are encountered here.

View from Concierto Resorts office

Located adjacent to Manzanillo’s main avenue, the playa features several resorts, shops, services and exquisite restaurants. The perfect spot for beach daytime activities, evenings of fine dining and maybe some romance!

Porto Fino Restaurante
Snuck a 3rd photo in of Las Hadas Resort without the editor noticing!

Playa La Boquita, Playa De Oro, Playa Ola Atlas and Playa La Llorono are each located in Manzanillo and very popular. While ranked highly among Colima’s captivating beaches, we regrettably just haven’t gotten to enjoy them all. But we will!

La Boquita
Playa De Oro
Playa Ola Atlas
La Llorono

Adventure & Activity –“Aventura y Actividad”

Boca De Pasquales & El Real are two of Colima’s captivating beaches known to surfing enthusiasts from around the world. We speak to many from Australia, Britain, India, Norway and more. They’re surprised when we tell them that they’re in Colima.

All they focus on is Pasquales and El Real, home to several premiere, international competitions. No shock to hear that this author doesn’t surf. Not here or anywhere! But walking these beaches, talking to and watching these skilled athletes is an exhilarating experience!!

Playa de Pasquales

Both playas feature a string of great restaurants, two being ‘The Crab’ and ‘Las Hamacas del Mayor.’ All feature the very best in seafood and traditional Spanish dishes. A choice of lodging is plentiful but during surf weeks, the beach or some drive-time is often the only option.

“The Crab” at El Real

Playa Cuyutlan is a beautiful beach but it often comes up in conversation in respect to surfing, bike trails, the turtle sanctuary, quaint hotels, dazzling restaurants and shopping. Don’t be swayed, get to and enjoy this beach!

Playa Cuyutlan
Playa Cuyutlan

The Authentic Playas – “Las Playas auténticas”

Tecaunillo is an expansive, under-utilized beach that we just love. The fine black, volcanic sand of this area is very unique. Tecaunillo (pronounced Tek-kwa-knee-o) is our choice for Concierto Resorts.

The private, secluded, palm tree plantation feel, located just 10 kms from a major thriving city is we feel, the perfect combination for the community. Enjoying the privacy of 2 kms of pristine playa is an amazing attribute.

The many kilometers of flat sand allows residents to enjoy all beach activities, including launch and landing sites for para sailing. Fishing is popular and there are no limits to the experts who’ll share their wisdom. There’s also an abundance of space for safe All-Terrain rides.

Tecaunillo also has some beach areas that border fresh-water, inland bodies of water. One such fresh-water tribuatry will be featured witin the community.

Mathdilda at Mariscos Tecanuillo

Tecaunillo boasts numerous, authentic ‘restaurantes de mariscos’ where succulent bacon-wrapped, garlic shrimp and whole, babecued red snapper are calling your names.

It’s the total package! Off the grid, relaxed, proven, delightful, delicious, affordable, memorable, picturesque, Con amigos!

Playa Tecaunillo

The true beauty of the many captivating beaches of Colima is that none of them will disappoint you. You will have to plan the day trips with care or be prepared to stay over once you fall in love with an area.

Determine your priorities and then seek out the best information and advice you can. Trip Advisor comments is one good source. They aren’t trying to sell vacation packages, helicopter rides, fishing excusions or sunset meal cruises. Of course you’re welcome to write us and we’ll do all we can to steer you in the right direction.

Thanks for reading Colima’s Captivating Beaches! Hasta pronto amigos!!

Update on COVID in Colima

As a follow-uo to our last blog on COVID in Colima, this short Youtube presentation presents some positive and upifting changing conditions.

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